Rebranding Silvexcraft - We are constantly changing for you
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Sklep Silvexcraft

We are constantly changing for you

Dear Customers! Due to the dynamic development of our company, we decided to refresh the Silvexcraft brand profile.

Concern about professionalism has become a step towards further changes. We invite you to read the details.

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Sklep Silvexcraft

SILKTHREAD 04 - AMETHYST (0.60 mm, 2.0 m)

Detalii produs


EAN13: 14671
Pachet: 1 pcs
Bucăti în pachet: 1 pcs

~ Larger quantities are sold accordingly to weighted average, and small differences in the number of pieces can occur +/- 5%


Available in large quantities

Pretul dumneavoastra:

10,44 lei fara taxa

Prag de reducere:

Discount-ul pentru comanda va fi calculat in cosul dvs.

Valoarea comenzii (taxe excluse) Discount
550,00 lei 2%
1 100,00 lei 4%
1 650,00 lei 6%
2 200,00 lei 8%
3 300,00 lei 10%
Pentru a primi reduceri aditionale, va rugam adaugati 550,00 lei (taxa excluse)
1 piesa
Pret per set 10,44 lei

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