Lipici instantaneu Super Glue, UHU Super Glue Gel 3 g


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EAN13: 4026700403602
Pachet: 1 pcs
Bucăti în pachet: 1 pcs

~ Larger quantities are sold accordingly to weighted average, and small differences in the number of pieces can occur +/- 5%


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2 885,00 lei 16%
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5 piese 3 piese 2 piese 1 piesa
Pret per set 15,18 lei 15,98 lei 16,91 lei 18,81 lei

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UHU SUPER GLUE is an instant drying SUPERGEL. Ideal for porous surfaces and works in upright position. It allows on corrections in a very short time, it is extremely strong, clear, not leaking. USAGE: for wood, porcelain, synthetic materials, metal, gum etc. It is not proper for PE/PP, foamed polystyrene, leather or any fabric.